Burgess Hill woman describes her horror as car crashed into bungalow

Amanda Duffy of Temple Grove, Burgess Hill, has described the terrifying moment a car crashed through her living room wall.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 4:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 4:59 pm

The incident happened on the evening of Wednesday, March 31.

“I was watching TV quite happily and the next thing I know there’s a screech of tyres,” said Amanda, who looked out of the window to see the vehicle coming towards her.

“To my horror the driver was heading for my living room and I just completely froze,” she said.

A car crashed into a house in Burgess Hill

“She careered straight into the living room with an almighty bang, so much so that my friend round the back heard the thump as well.”

Amanda said the car had narrowly missed her and she was in shock by the time her neighbours helped her out of the house. “I was coughing and there was dust everywhere,” she said.

Amanda added that her son Ashley, 24, usually sits at the living room computer but that he had been in his bedroom when the car hit.

“Somebody was watching over me that particular evening,” she said, adding that both she and Ashley are grateful to be unharmed.

Amanda Duffy and her son Ashley . Picture by Steve Robards

“I thank God every day that we’re still here to tell the tale,” she said.

Mid Sussex Police said a 45-year-old woman had been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in connection with the crash, and also on suspicion of criminal damage/recklessly endangering life. She remains under investigation, police said.

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