VIDEO: West Sussex based Rolls-Royce celebrates record-breaking sales

THE world’s most iconic luxury car company is celebrating an ‘historic moment’.

From its Goodwood headquarters the announcement has been made this week that for the first time in its 111-year history, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars have achieved their fifth consecutive year of record breaking sales.

Inside the Rolls-Royce Motor Car factory in Goodwood PPP-140329-000213001

Inside the Rolls-Royce Motor Car factory in Goodwood PPP-140329-000213001

With more than 1,500 people employed at the Home of Rolls Royce in Goodwood, the team smashed records in 2014, with 4,063 cars delivered to customers around the world - up from just 300 cars sold in 2003.

Some 4,063 cars were sold globally during 2014 and sales have more than quadrupled since 2009.

Sales were boosted by strong orders for the Ghost Series II which launched in November and the Wraith which enjoyed its first full year of sales.

The largest market in the world for Rolls-Royce in 2014 was the United States followed by China, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

The announcement, said director of sales and marketing, Fintan Knight, is a boost not only for the company, but to the national and local economy.

“Success for Rolls-Royce is success for Britain. People from around the world are buying from us,” he said.

Despite austerity in the global economy, Rolls-Royce weathered the recession.

“We don’t want to see peaks and troughs, but rather to stay consistent,” said communications manager James Warren. “We want to be here another 111 years and long after that.”

Every one of the prestigious cars is built by hand at the state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facility at Goodwood.

The next twelve months will be an exciting time for the brand across the Observer area, as work is progressing at its new Bognor Regis site, which is set to be fully operational in early 2016.

While Goodwood will remain the home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the Bognor site will provide logistic support for current and future models.