Can anyone snatch Mid Sussex from Conservatives?

Polling station, 2015 general election. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150705-091311001
Polling station, 2015 general election. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150705-091311001

Candidates in Mid Sussex are waiting to see if they can wrestle the constituency from Conservatives, where Sir Nicholas Soames has served since 1997.

Votes are being counted, in The Triangle, Burgess Hill tonight, and not many predict anything but a Conservative hold.

But nobody knows what will happen when the ballot papers are counted tonight.

The Middy takes a look at the challengers to Sir Nicholas.

Independent candidate Beki Adam says she is standing because the current system is failing, partly due to politicians with a conflict of interests.

She prides herself from being free of ‘the party whip’.

A former journalist, Beki lives in Cuckfield, and has spent 17 years as a Buddhist nun.

She has also campaigned strongly against fracking.

UKIP Toby Brothers is a Sussex lawyer and family man. He says through his profession he helps people from ‘all walks of life without fear, favour of discrimination’.

His family are from many different backgrounds and nationalities, giving him a ‘great understanding of people from all lifestyles and cultures’.

Toby is an expert of crime law and the justice system, and is a campaigner for mental health issues.

Lib Dem Daisy Cooper is proud of her party’s efforts in the coalition, delivering apprenticeships, tax cuts and free school meals.

She campaigns to protect cuts to the NHS, to save green spaces and improve recycling.

A commuter, Daisy ‘understands the daily frustrations of rail users’.

She campaigns to defend free speech, has worked in international development for ten years and is an outspoken director of a human rights think-tank.

Green candidate Miranda Diboll has lived in Cuckfield for 20 years.

She believes in a connexion between environmental destruction, human rights and social justice, and was drawn into politics after protests against fracking in Balcombe.

She campaigns to prevent ‘devastating far reaching consequences’ of fracking.

Labour candidate Greg Mountain says 32 years of Conservative dominance has lead to ‘uncaring complacency’.

Greg taught economics for five years, and is a qualified accountant.

He supports staying in the EU and foreign aid, and is against fracking in Sussex.

He has advised senior government officials on fair collection of taxes.

Baron Von Thundersclap, of the Moster Raving Loony Party, has lived in Mid Sussex for 30 years, and this is the fourth time he has been an election candidate.

He proposes green issue should be treated with antibiotics until they clear up.

He says key issues should only be dealt with by Locksmiths and ‘silly phrases like kickstart the economy to be banned’.

Finally, Baron campaigns for zebra crossings to be available to all animals.

They are all up against Sir Nicholas Soames, in his eighth election campaign.

In his campaign Sir Nicholas told the Middy he has campaigned for the NHS, an EU referendum and a reliable rail service.

He is against over-development, excessive traffic, a second Gatwick runway.

He will strive for jobs, stability, jobs, and excellent public services for Mid Sussex.