Celebrities attend quiz for dwarfism charity

Warwick and Sammy Davis with Stuart and Jayne Ansell and Ray Griffiths. Picture: Jayne Ansell
Warwick and Sammy Davis with Stuart and Jayne Ansell and Ray Griffiths. Picture: Jayne Ansell

A pub in Burgess Hill was given a celebrity visit this month as it continued its fundraising efforts for Little People UK – a charity supporting those with dwarfism.

Popular actor Warwick Davis – best known for his roles in Star Wars and Harry Potter – attended a charity quiz and raffle, on August 3, at the Woolpack, in Howard Avenue, Burgess Hill, alongside his wife Sammy and fellow actor Ray Griffiths.

This was the second year the quiz had been held at the pub which helped raise nearly £1,300 for the charity.

As founders of the charity, Warwick and Sammy Davis were also joined by their children Annabelle and Harrison, Warwick’s parents and even their dog.

Jayne Ansell, whose four-year-old son Henry has dwarfism, helped organise the quiz.

She said: “Little People UK has been a great support to us.

“Fortunately, the founders of the charity – Warwick and Sammy Davis – were able to come, along with their kids.

“Little People actor Ray Griffiths and his family also came.

“Warwick and his daughter Annabelle came after a long day filming the new Star Wars film, so we were chuffed they could come.

“We had great support from a number of local businesses, who donated raffle prizes.”

Little People UK was set up by Sammy and Warwick Davis in 2012 to support people with dwarfism.

As well as helping to raise awareness of the condition, the charity holds a convention – usually in September each year – to offer advice to families of those with dwarfism.

For Jayne, the charity has been ‘extremely supportive’ since the birth of her son.

She added: “When Henry was born, the charity was fairly new.

“I wasn’t completely aware of the condition but Sammy’s experience of it and the fact she has children with dwarfism, gives her a great amount of knowledge to help other parents.

“Sammy is the chair person of the charity and really goes out of her way to support others.

“Warwick was filming in London on the day and he went back to Peterborough to pick up Sammy and his family before they all travelled down to Burgess Hill for the quiz.

“I am just so glad we have been able to support a charity that has been extremely supportive to us.”