Charity shop aims to hit 100,000 bags of donations for elderly

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The people of Hassocks need to come together to support loneliness among the elderly.

That’s the message from an Age UK charity shop manager based at Orion Parade.

Beverley Paxton is launching The Big Bag Challenge along with other stores up and down the country.

Some items will be donated to those in need of clothing with other items being sold to support the charity.

Readers are being encouraged to declutter and donate their unworn or unwanted clothes to support the charity.

As the season comes to an end and people move towards warm woolies the organisation can use the clothes that may be destined for the bin.

Mrs Paxton believes the target of 100,000 is reachable but people from across the area need to get together to support.

She says: “Taking part in The Big Bag Challenge couldn’t be easier, which is why we’re asking everyone in Hassocks to get involved.

“If people donate to us we can carry on the with what we are doing but we need these extra donations.”

The shop has a fortnight to hit their 100,000 target.

Volunteers will be on had from October 9 to sort through the donations.

The shop manager added: “Just £20 a month can cover the cost of one friendship phone call a week to someone who is lonely. That is just a little bit of what we do.

“The money raised from these bags will help so much.

“Making a difference is so satisfying. To make money and improve the quality of life for older people that need our help now is important.

“Older people need to know we are here and they can talk to us.”

Books, homeware and other sellable items will be accepted.


Deliver your bags to 5 Orion Parade, Hassocks, BN6 8QA.