Colours blossomed in the hall for Lindfield’s autumn show

The King Edward Hall was looking at its best when the Lindfield Horticultural Society put on its autumn flower and produce show.

The quality, variety and large number of exhibits was exceptional particularly the amazing dahlias on display on September 9.

Photos by Steve Robards

Photos by Steve Robards

The judges decided that Richard Hilson, Ian Cooper, Maureen Manley, Jocasta Fearn, Andrea Fall and Jenny Purdon displayed the best vegetables, fruit, handicraft, cookery, basket and floral art in the show, respectively.

Pat Whetstone, chairman of the Horticulture Society, said: “This year’s show was definitely one of the best shows we have ever done.

“Despite the weather we have had recently and the lack of rain, the produce that was brought to the show was amazing.”

The heaviest pumpkin was produced by Ian Cooper and Richard Hilson’s flowers were also winners.

Michael and Alison Elliott and Wendy Dumbleton were other winners and Noah Stoney, Alice and Eleanor Anderson were winners in the children’s classes.

David Barret from the Horticulture Socitey, said: “This year saw a record number of entries and the quality of the fruit, vegetables and flowers was exceptional.”

The society organises spring, summer and autumn flower and produce shows each year.

Helen Dunlop, Jeff Essen, Jean Sedgley, Richard Hilson, Andrea Fall, Florence Fearn-Hughes and Alice Anderson accumulated the highest points in various classes of exhibits during 2018.

More information about the society and its plans for its three shows in 2019 can be obtained from its chairman, Pat Whetstone on 01444 483236.