Could YOU give a home to poor puss Sally?

Poorly puss Sally SUS-170202-154333001
Poorly puss Sally SUS-170202-154333001

A diabetic cat who has to have daily insulin injections is desperately looking for a new home.

Ten-year-old poorly puss Sally has been cared for by staff at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in Chelwood Gate since October after her previous owner became too unwell to keep her.

Deputy centre manager Tania Marsh said, despite being affectionate and friendly, the black-and-white puss has failed to find a new home as potential owners are put off by her condition.

She said: “Sally really is a delightful cat and, if she wasn’t diabetic, I think she would have found a new home a long time ago. But because she requires an owner to administer insulin injections twice a day, many people have been put off adopting her.

“It is totally understandable that it may seem a daunting prospect but we would provide plenty of training and support to help care for Sally. She is totally fine with her injections and, with her sunny personality, she would make it easy for her new owner to take care of her. We have helped many owners adopt diabetic cats and after a few weeks the injections become a normal, everyday part of life for owners.

“No veterinary experience is necessary to take on a diabetic cat. Sally just needs an understanding owner who is prepared to learn how to help her and to commit to giving her daily injections. In return, they’ll be rewarded with a wonderful pet who enjoys being part of the family.”

Apart from needing insulin injections twice a day and a controlled diet, Sally does not require any additional care and enjoys life like any other cat.

To find out more about adopting Sally, or any of the other 150 cats currently in the care of Cats Protection’s centre in Chelwood Gate, email