Council’s tree projects gives hope for the future


Haywards Heath Town Council’s South Road tree project is the first step to change South Road - Hayward’s Heath ‘High Street’ - making it fit for a better future.

The better environment in South Road will benefit residents and visitors to the town by improving the area. Our streets are important places for people, and successful streetscapes are inclusive, providing for the needs of their users, and moreover supporting local employers and businesses which we hope will thrive in a more sustainable environment.

We’ve already been approached by a leading independent business employer elsewhere in the town asking if they can sponsor further improvements to the street scene, specifically planters as they believe the collaboration will help them attract and retain customers.

We worked closely with both Mid Sussex District Council for additional ancillary funding and West Sussex County Council for strategic advice, including Highways for approval and support to deliver this project for Haywards Heath. Delivering support Town Centre Public Realm Improvements, is an essential requirement of the Adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

South Road must become a more attractive destination, working with others to evolve the retail offering, attracting new shops and businesses, complementing Burgess Hill’s fantastic plans so that the two neighbouring towns live side-by-side and thrive together.

We hear more and more about High Streets having a tough time, because of internet, changing social habits etc.

This an initial measure to address this trend.

We look forward to working with our partners on this exciting project.

Destination Haywards Heath is coming!

Suggestions how you envision South Road evolving in the future, please send through to