Councillors visit £225,000 water main project in Haywards Heath

Councillors with delivery manager Chris Love
Councillors with delivery manager Chris Love

Councillors visited South East Water’s £225,000 water main upgrade project along Oathall Road in Haywards Heath.

Delivery manager Chris Love showed them the route of the new pipeline and explained the need for the road closure.

Chris said: “It was a pleasure to give the councillors a tour of the site so they could see the work first hand and how laying the new pipe in the centre of the road means a road closure is essential for safety.

“Construction is progressing very well and after three weeks we have laid more than 180 metres of new pipe.”

During the meeting Chris also explained the need to keep Oathall Avenue closed as work to lay the new water main will soon extend south of the junction, but assured councillors that the company will do all it can to get the road open as quickly as possible.

“We are currently ahead of schedule and following the introduction of seven day working and extra construction teams, we hope to complete the scheme well ahead of the original completion date,” he said.

“I’d like to thank residents for their ongoing patience and cooperation while we work to complete the project as quickly as possible.”

After the meeting councillor Ruth de Mierre said: “Ward members expressed concern that the works started slowly at the outset.

“Given that this is an important thoroughfare and life blood of the town both economically and for retail we are pleased that South East Water has increased its activity and working hours so to bring a speedy completion to the works.”