Crawley Cineworld to get ‘next generation’ ScreenX cinema

Cineworld, Crawley
Cineworld, Crawley

A ‘next generation cinema experience’ which uses the cinema walls as well as the screen is coming to Crawley Cineworld.

New cinema technology called ScreenX will begin on Friday, April 5.

ScreenX, Crawley

ScreenX, Crawley

ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection cinema technology expanding the traditional cinema screen to the side auditorium walls, creating a 270-degree viewing experience.

Originally launched in South Korea, Cineworld Crawley will be the latest cinema in the UK to install the new technology, bringing the total number of ScreenX auditoriums to 12.

A spokesman said: “The innovative technology uses an array of projectors and with proprietary ScreenX software, blends multiple images into one seamless image extending from the central screen out.

“ScreenX walls are installed with a fabric to ensure brightness and colour closely match the content on the main screen and extend the length of the auditorium.

“Strategically placed audio systems and speakers ensure that sound does not compromise the immersive viewing experience.”

Upcoming films that movie fans can experience in ScreenX include Detective Pikachu and Godzilla: King of Monsters, and DC blockbuster Shazam!

Matthew Blinch, Cineworld Crawley general manager said: “We look forward to welcoming cinemagoers in Crawley to ScreenX.

“We are driven by innovation and this fully immersive screen will transform the way our customers experience film.

“We’ll be opening the screen with Shazam! and can’t wait to transport movie fans into the onscreen action.”

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