Gunman jailed for village shooting

Marcus Hudson
Marcus Hudson

A man who shot at his neighbour’s home with a shotgun has been jailed.

Police said Marcus Hudson, 42, fired a shot at a house in Oaklands, Ardingly, as well as at a parked car in Gowers Close, smashing the windscreen, on July 17.

Officers were called along with a police helicopter and arrested Hudson three hours after the shooting.

The door of the home was damaged but no-one was injured.

Police said Hudson, of Oaklands, Ardingly, was charged with possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence, possession of a loaded shotgun in a public place and criminal damage.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges at a hearing on Friday (December 1) at Lewes Crown Court. He was jailed for four years and three months.

Detective Sergeant Vicki Tomlinson said: “Hudson’s actions and behaviour caused a lot of fear and anxiety in the local community and luckily no one was hurt that evening. We carried out extensive searches for the shotgun but never found it.

“We are pleased that he admitted the offences and has been imprisoned for 51 months.”