Horsham stabbing: ‘people are nervous to go out’ says councillor

A Horsham councillor has revealed she is ‘very worried’ about knife crime in Horsham.

Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 3:10 pm

Horsham District Councillor Christine Costin said she is ‘quite upset’ about the amount of anti-social behaviour in the town.

She added: “People and youngsters feel that they need to carry a knife. It’s very unwise.

“It makes everything more dangerous. We want Horsham to be a safe and happy place.

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“A lot of people are nervous to go out at all and that’s not how we want Horsham to be.”

Councillor Costin said she is meeting with police next week to discuss how to tackle the issue.

She added: “Other people are going to get injured. It’s horrible.

“This is just not how a normal civilised country behaves.

“Carrying knives and other weapons is making our streets unsafe for everyone.

“I know it’s a national trend but we want to beat it here.

“Young people and families should be able to go out without unknowingly coming across fights and feuds between aggressive rivals or muggers who demand valuables at knifepoint.

“It’s got to be stopped.”

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