Police called to fracas between EU ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaigners


Police were called to Burgess Hill town centre when tempers flared between pro and anti EU campaigners.

The bust-up happened on Saturday in Church Road where members of both the ‘Remain’ group and the vote ‘Leave’ group had gathered to rally support.

The groups had set up stalls near each other.

Police say they received a call at 10.59am on Saturday (June 11) from a woman who reported that she had been abused by one of the campaign teams when she went to talk to the other group.

A spokesman said: “Officers visited the scene in Church Road, but found the groups to be good natured and there were no other complaints.”

However, a number of people took to social media afterwards. One woman said on Facebook: “The stalls were right next to each other so it was bound to get a bit spicy between them all.”

Another woman posted: “I don’t need either side shoving their opinions down my throat I will make my mind up without anyone trying to push me one way or another.”

And another said: “Saw the police talking to both groups who were all together outside Neros. What twit said they could campaign together and block the walkway by the bus stop and Smiths? And I would love someone to search bins and count how many leaflets that they handed out that ended up thrown away. And do people actually read them? What a waste of money.”

One man added: “Very exciting to see such a passion for democracy in our little old town. A little sad about the fracas.”