Cuckfield Museum’s new display celebrates its ‘noisy neighbour’

Brighton County Borough Asylum, Haywards Heath
Brighton County Borough Asylum, Haywards Heath

The new exhibition at The Cuckfield Museum hints at the relationship between the village and its larger, busier and still relatively new neighbour.

‘Haywards Heath: Cuckfield’s Noisy Neighbour’ covers the history of the town and how the railway affected the small village of Cuckfield.

Boltro Farm, Haywards Heath

Boltro Farm, Haywards Heath

Cuckfield was the small, village which rejected the coming of the modern world.

When the railway arrived in 1841 so that the station was built in the middle of the Heath – a deserted place with a few scattered farms and cottages and a 

The railway was a deciding factor in the establishment of the Sussex Lunatic Asylum in the town in 1859, as well as market trade and schooling.

The population of Haywards Heath expanded between the wars – the electrification of the railway with speedier travel brought more commuters and prosperity to the town but there was a shortage of housing.

Thousands of houses were built for younger people at a more affordable price and the town thrived .

The display will be open on February 16 until mid summer.