Cuckfield yoga teacher sets up fundraiser for ‘Mind’

Diana Laker hosts her first charity yoga event
Diana Laker hosts her first charity yoga event

A yoga and fitness teacher is organising a charity yoga event for mental heath in Cuckfield.

Diana Laker-Fullilove has arranged her first charity yoga event for mental health charity ‘Mind’ on October 13 at Warden Park School in Cuckfield.

Within this event, Diana will open up about her personal battle with mental health and eating disorders when she was a teenager as well as, her ‘huge mental breakdown’ back in 2009, when she was aged 42.

After her talk, Diana will be leading a two-hour yoga practice. As well as, running a raffle with prizes which have been donated from local businesses and a cake and drink stall from which any leftovers will be donated to Crawley Open House for the Homeless.

She said: “I have been admitted for treatment on three separate occasions whilst suffering with psychotic episodes, severe depression, and extreme anxiety

“I am very passionate about bringing awareness, openness and talking honestly about mental health issues as it affects so many of us.

“Through this very personal journey I have seen what a positive difference charitable works can make, and I am now highly motivated to help the mental health charity, Mind, to achieve more positive interventions for the members of our society who are most desperately in need of support, guidance and help,” she added.

Currently there are 30 local people registered on the event, which already has raised £600, plus a just giving page that has raised just over £200.

Diana describes herself as ‘living proof’ when it comes to surviving mental health. She is no longer on medication and now teaches 15 fitness classes at the Dolphin and Triangle leisure Centres, Ockenden Manor and her own private YOGADi class which she runs at Warden Park School.

Diana said: “I have realised that if we are to improve the situation at a localised level it must also involve people at a local level.”

The charity event which runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm has an entry fee of £20 which provides access to two yoga classes and includes five raffle tickets for three amazing prize hampers.

‘Scrummy’ food and refreshing drinks will be available to buy along with additional raffle tickets with all proceeds going to Mind Mental Health Charity.

With one in four people in the UK suffering from issues with their mental health, Diana feels that events like this one, will help lesser the stigma, as well as help people learn how to cope with it.

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