‘Determined’ head makes further improvements at Oakmeeds

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A secondary school placed in special measures last year has made progress thanks to its ‘persistent’ and ‘determined’ head, Ofsted has said.

Oakmeeds Community College received a two-day monitoring inspection in June - the fourth since it was placed in special measures in March last year.

The inspector concluded the school is making progress towards the removal of special measures adding that it may appoint newly qualified teachers before the next monitoring inspection.

The school was put in special measures after Ofsted inspectors found students were failing to reach their academic potential and GCSE results dropped below the national average in 2013.

After the recent monitoring inspection, the inspector reported that he considered headteacher Colin Taylor was ‘persistent in his determination to lead the school to a better place’.

The inspector said: “He shows great resilience in building reliable systems and a stronger leadership team.

“He has positive and very constructive relationships with students, knowing many of them well.”

In response to the report Mr Taylor said “I am delighted that the continual very good progress and improvement that is being made has been recognised again at the latest monitoring visit by HMI/Ofsted. 

“We know we still have areas for further development but the overall picture is much stronger.

“Oakmeeds with embedded best practice providing the foundations for a very positive future. The good GCSE exam results we are forecasting for this summer will be a clear indication and further evidence of our achievements over the last eighteen months.”

The inspector reported that the quality of teaching and students’ progress continued to show improvement in all year groups and for different groups of students.

He said: “Teachers have worked hard to develop their use of the teaching strategies that the school expects.”

In order for it to continue to progress, the inspector said the school should ensure to support teachers so they can effectively use the introduced teaching strategies.

He also said the management must listen more closely to the concerns and suggestions of students and link the school improvement plan and emerging vision.