‘Devastating news for Balcombe villagers’ – says campaign group

South East campaign group Friends of the Earth has reacted to the news of Cuadrilla returning to Balcombe to test the oil flow.

Brenda Pollack, South East campaigner, who attended the planning meeting at County Hall in Chichester earlier today, said: “This is devastating news for villagers and everyone who wants a clean and safe environment to live in.

South East campaigner Brenda Pollack

South East campaigner Brenda Pollack

“Where is the democracy when over 2,700 people objected to Cuadrilla returning to this beautiful rural part of Sussex?

“Whether it’s fracking or not, dirty fossil fuels must be left in the ground.

“Allowing companies to drill underground for ever more difficult to extract oil and gas reserves is crazy when it won’t help keep polluting emissions down.

“We need to see a much bigger push for a cleaner future without an over-reliance on oil.

“Cleaner transport measures and reducing car and lorry movements is the way forward.

“The residents who came today showed what local people feel about this.

“Cuadrilla and companies like it are not welcome here It seems like the government’s support for dirty oil and gas is forcing these projects through.”

West Sussex county councillors unanimously approved the plan. Read our original story here.