Do you hope for more snow in Mid Sussex?

Snow in 2013 at Gatehouse Lane, Burgess Hill ENGSUS00120131203125301
Snow in 2013 at Gatehouse Lane, Burgess Hill ENGSUS00120131203125301

After Mid Sussex saw its first smattering of snow this morning (January 20), we ask: Do you welcome the snow?

The Met Office say there is a risk of sleet and snow tomorrow, and temperatures are likely to be sub-zero tonight and tomorrow night.

A thin layer of snow covered roofs roads and cars today, not enough for any major disruption.

Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill residents took to social media after the snow.

Paul Thompson posted on Twitter: “So, it might be the slightest of flurries, but some snow falling at home and whilst travelling thru Haywards Heath #FirstThisWinter #Brrrr.”

Residents are split on their reaction to the first snowfall of the year. Whilst some feels a sense of childlike excitement, others fear the disruption caused by the weather.

Livvy provoked the elements into more action, Tweeting: “Is this the best you can do Burgess Hill? #callthissnow?”

An Enchanted Rose said: “Just been out de-icing the car and it’s starting to snow here in Burgess Hill. I feel like a little girl. I don’t think it’ll last long but part of me is hoping it will.”

And Kirrily Long Tweeted: “Not snowing much in Burgess Hill at all, now. So saaaaad! Want snow!”

But others were not so welcoming.

Chris Philpot said: “Snowing gently in Haywards Heath. I do hope it doesn’t settle, beyond the trace amount that’s already done so.”

But Charlotte Weller could not hide her excitement, simply Tweeting ‘ITS SNOWING IN HAYWARDS HEATH!’.

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