Double lines in Balcombe could stop road rage


Double yellow lines in Balcombe could come into force after a consultation.

West Sussex County Council is proposing to make a permanent traffic regulation order to stop parking on the eastern side of London Road in Balcombe, with its junction with Newlands.

A report by the council states: “Newlands is located close to Balcombe Railway Station and is subjected to an extremely high demand for parking, particularly from rail commuters.

“The demand for parking in the road is so high that there is often a continuous line of parked cars along one side of the road, leaving no room for vehicles travelling in opposite directions to pass each other. The layout of Newlands forms a curve, making it difficult for traffic to reverse back along the road to allow each other to pass. It is reported that this has led to incidences of road rage and vehicles being driven on the verges of the road.”

The council said the restrictions will stop commuter parking.