Duo plan to travel 10,000 miles across Europe in Mongol Rally

Rhiannon Bartlett with Esther Tarr
Rhiannon Bartlett with Esther Tarr

A duo are travelling across Europe in a ‘beaten up banger’ to raise money for mental health charity.

Rhiannon Bartlett and friend Esther Tarr are taking part in the Mongol Rally, which will take them from Prague, 10,000 miles to Ulan Ude, Russia.

The team at CCK Historic who have worked for free on the Rascall

The team at CCK Historic who have worked for free on the Rascall

The rules of the rally are, no vehicle that has been entered can have an engine size over one litre and for motorcycles preferably under 125cc.

Once you have left the start line, you are on your own. Organisers prepare the racers by giving advise on borders and roads, but between leaving in Prague and arriving in Russia, there will be no one but the team.

The final rally rule is the entries have to raise a minimum of £1,000 for charity. Five hundred pounds of the donations has to be given to the rally’s official charity ‘Cool Earth’.

Rhiannon and Esther have spent under £1,000 on a 1989 Bedford Rascall to complete the rally in and plan to gift their donations to ‘Mind’.

The duo have teamed up with CCK Historic garage in Uckfield set some free time aside to prepare the Rascall for it’s long journey and the women who had next to no car knowledge at all.

Rhiannon said: “Esther cannot even put screen wash in her car. I think breaking down will be fun and no doubt that we will.”

The pair have planned to take the route from Prague to Slovina, Greece, Turkey. Pakistan and on to the Russian Border.

Rhiannon explained how they have planned that the rally will take them six weeks to complete.

She said: “There are about 50 teams that compete from all over the world.

“I have always wanted to travel the Mongolia Valley but had no one to go with until Esther agreed to do the rally with me.”

The duo are currently looking for sponsors before they set off in July and are hoping to raise £2,500.

For more information visit: www.theadventurists.com/mongol-rally