Cheque out how much these generous children have raised

Pupils at Balcombe Primary School have raised hundreds of pounds for children in Uganda.
Pupils at Balcombe Primary School have raised hundreds of pounds for children in Uganda.

Children at a school in Uganda will be able to buy cows, goats and chickens galore thanks to the efforts of youngsters in Sussex.

Balcombe Primary was visited by pastor Steve Fishpool, from the charity Friends Reaching Out, which works in rural Uganda, caring for and educating orphaned and destitute children.

After learning about the lives of the Ugandan children and their need for animals to provide milk and eggs, the Balcombe youngsters were determined to help.

They organised a fundraising week called Give Up To Reach Out, which saw them forgoing things they enjoyed and giving the money to the charity instead.

By the end of the week they had raised an impressive £709.79 – as well as writing letters and doing drawings for their Ugandan friends.

A school spokesman joked: "Being a school, no doubt the teachers will seize the opportunity for some maths problem solving to work out just how many combinations of cows, goats and chickens are possible with the money raised!

One of the children who took part in the fundraiser was Annabel, in Year 6.

She said: “I was saving for something that I really needed, but when I thought about it, I didn’t need it as much as the children in Uganda needed my help, so I gave some of that money.”

Headteacher Wendy Millbanks said: “I am so incredibly proud of the whole school community, but especially the children.

“They went without their treats willingly, as they are beginning to understand how lucky they are and how much they have, compared to these children in Uganda. It is such a lovely feeling, knowing that we have helped.”

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