Head goes to ‘jail’ for looking like actor George Clooney

Chris Calvey - head of Ardingly College Pre-prep School
Chris Calvey - head of Ardingly College Pre-prep School

Ardingly College Pre School headmaster Chris Calvey was ‘arrested’, handcuffed and taken to Haywards Heath Police Station on a ‘charge’ of ‘not raising enough money for the charity Home-Start’.

The ‘Jail and Bail’ stunt began when Ardingly parent and Home-Start CHAMS (Crawley, Horsham and Mid-Sussex) trustee Nicola Demetriadi remarked on the similarity between Mr Calvey and Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney, who was also ‘arrested’ recently in a charity stunt.

Thanks to donations, more than £3,000 was raised and arresting police constables John Mills and Jo Wood released Mr Calvey, who was back in school by lunch-time.

Fundraising manager for Home-Start CHAMS Aimee Wiggins said: “The whole event went brilliantly and I want to thank Ardingly, Mr Calvey and the police for helping us to raise so much money.”

The charity supports families where there are issues such as isolation, neglect, financial hardship, illness, disability, bereavement or multiple births.

Aimee said: “Last year we supported 151 families with a total of 360 children. In the past two months our referrals to support families within Mid-Sussex have doubled.”

Home-Start CHAMS would be delighted to hear from anyone who feels they can help with fundraising for the charity, which still needs to raise a third of its annual budget of £180,000, or who is interested in volunteering.

For further information contact Aimee Wiggins on 01293 416327.