Lindfield Primary pupils collaborate with David Wilson Homes’ to build bird cafe

Pupils from a Lindfield School have set up a bird cafe to mark the end of the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Bird Watch

Pupils in years three and six from the Lindfield Primary Academy teamed up with housebuilder, David Wilson Homes’, to set up a permanent bird cafe at the Heathwood Park development.

Year three and six pupils with Pina Masella, sales adviser

Year three and six pupils with Pina Masella, sales adviser

The bird café, consisting of a feeding station and several hanging feeders, will attract a variety of species to the development, allowing the children to encounter a range of different birds during their visit.

Marcus Still, principal of Lindfield Primary Academy, said: “The installation of the bird café has been a real treat for our pupils, and a great educational opportunity to learn more about the different bird varieties in our local area.

“They have really enjoyed taking part in a hands-on activity and learning more about wildlife in the garden.”

Lynnette St-Quintin, sales director from David Wilson Homes, said it was hoped that potential homebuyers will also be able to see the bird café in action when they visit the development. She said it was hoped the café will attract a variety of birds for years to come.

She said: “It is exciting to help young children get involved in such a significant conservation movement.”

David Wilson Homes has a corporate partnership with the RSPB to help give nature a home on its developments.

The collaboration focuses on creating processes to ensure nature-friendly practices. These include setting up bird cafés and installing features such as swift bricks and nest boxes.