Australia fires depicted by Horsham make-up artist in breathtaking body art

A makeup artist who lives near Horsham has daubed the shocking scene of the Australia fires on herself in a bid to raise awareness of the country’s plight.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 1:12 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 2:11 pm

Southwater resident Ellie Murphy used makeup and body paint to draw an artwork depicting the blaze across her chest and face.

She said: “I’ve been to Australia. People are not taking it seriously enough.

“There wasn’t enough awareness. It made me really upset.”

Ellie created the breathtaking body art to raise awareness of the Australia fires. Photo by Ellie Murphy

Ellie, who runs Elligance Hair and Makeup, added that she wanted to use her skills to ‘showcase what is really going on’.

She said: “I just wanted to spread it out to as many people as possible.”

Ellie’s masterpiece took her around an hour to complete.

She added: “I just did it bit by bit looking in the mirror and just built it up.”

Ellie said she was inspired by fire and focused on eye-catching oranges and reds as the basis for her look.

Then she drew trees using black oil paint.

She added: “I added the koala and kangaroo freehand. My eye make up [is] just how I usually do it.”

But Ellie was overwhelmed by the response her artwork received online.

She said: “It’s amazing. So many people have shared it. I have had so many likes, so many comments. [But] I didn’t post it for the likes.”

Alongside the stunning photographs Ellie made a Facebook post urging people to raise awareness of the devastation which has ravaged Australia.

She said: “It brought a lot of emotion whilst creating this look.

“I wanted to show awareness to everyone on what an awful tragedy Australia is going through.”

Several people praised Ellie’s post, which was shared dozens of times.

One said: “You’re an incredible talent!”

Another added: “I’m lost for words.”

One Facebook user said: “A powerful image to make people stop and think.

“My thoughts are with all the people affected by this awful tragedy, and great respect to all those working tirelessly to bring it to an end you are incredible.

“Ellie you have an amazing talent.”

Another added: “Such a sad subject but amazing makeup to raise awareness of the tragedy unfolding in Australia.”

But Ellie is planning to continue raising awareness of important issues.

She said she hopes to do a photoshoot with models painted in a similar fashion and also choose other good causes to support in the future.

Ellie added: “I don’t want to just pick a charity. I want to learn about it first.

“I want something that I believe in.”

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