Fears of birds under threat at Pulborough Brooks

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cleared from horsham graphics ENGSNL00120110510073240

Birds at Pulborough Brooks could be under threat because of changes planned to EU laws.

That’s according to south east regional MEP Keith Taylor who is now calling on fellow members of the European parliament to oppose the European Commission’s plan, which he says, will weaken nature protection laws.

Currently the EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives protect rare species and their habitats.

Mr Taylor said: “The EU’s nature laws have done wonders for protecting wildlife and habitats across Europe for years.

“Pulborough Brooks is an example of these laws in action – the rare bird species here in the Arun Valley are protected thanks to these Directives.

“Any weakening of these laws would put these beautiful animals under threat.

“It’s essential that MEPs unite to send a strong signal that these laws should be strengthened, not weakened.”

And he added: “I am calling on fellow MEPs to join me in voting to protect these vital laws, and I urge south east citizens to join the RSPB Defend Nature campaign to keep up the pressure on their elected representatives.”

He said that the previous success of the laws was one reason why he thought Britian should remain in the EU.

“Only continued and coordinated efforts at EU level can help tackle biodiversity loss and degradation of our ecosystems, which take place across national borders.

“And it is only by remaining a member of the EU that we can have a say over the safeguarding of these laws.”