Nicholas Soames speaks out about fracking in Sussex

nicholas soames
nicholas soames

NICHOLAS Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, has attempted to reassure his constituents that any hydraulic fracturing for oil or gas in the Sussex Weald will be properly regulated by the Government.

In a feature in the Mid Sussex Times today Mr Soames said it was understandable that there was concerns over the new technology of fracking, which uses thousands of litres of water containing sand and chemicals, to fracture rock strata horizontally under the ground to release oil and natural gas.

But the MP, who has a home in Warninglid, assured residents that the Government would not allow anything to happen without appropriate consideration of the environment.

Simon Greenwood, the owner of the Balcombe Estate, also attempted to reassure people that nothing harmful would be allowed to happen at Lower Stumble, the drilling site leased by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd on his land between Balcombe and Cuckfield.

Mr Greenwood said regulations imposed by authorities such as the Environment Agency were stricter in the UK than in the US where environmental pollution had occurred.

See this week’s Mid Sussex Times, out today, for their full comments and to read a double page feature on fracking in Sussex