Villagers’ fears over lack of car parking

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Residents in Hurstpierpoint are alarmed at plans to convert an office building into flats because of a lack of car parking in the area.

Mid Sussex District Council has given the go ahead for the change of use of Sussex House in Cuckfield Road into seven flats.

But residents say that no provision has been allowed for extra parking spaces in the area for the flats - and they fear that nearby roads could become clogged up with cars.

One woman, Lucy Wilsdon, who lives nearby in Manor Road, said: “There is not enough parking for the existing residents meaning people double park on pavements etc.

“The council granted planning on the primary school car park, meaning the only local available car park now supplies parking for the school. In short we have no parking.”

Thirteen letters of objection, along with opposition from Hurspierpoint and Sayers Common Parish Council, were sent to the district council because of concerns over inadequate parking provision in the village.

West Sussex County Council, as highway authority, said that it was not concerned about a lack of provision for extra parking at the new flats, that there was adequate alternative parking nearby and that there would be no significan increase in traffic.

“Road safety would not be significantly affected through nil provision of parking,” the county council said in a report.

The council said there was nearby on-street parking and a car park nearby in Trinity Road.