Environmental activism award

Lorraine Inglis holding her award
Lorraine Inglis holding her award

A Burgess Hill campaigner has been given a national award for her environmental activism.

Lorraine Inglis, of Weald Action Group, earned the title of Friend of Friends of the Earth at the Earthmovers Awards for her inspiring environmental work carried out by an individual outside of Friends of the Earth.

Lorraine has been a vocal campaigner against fracking since drilling was proposed around the area around her mum’s home in Balcombe.

The Weald Action group is fighting a High Court injunction that could stop the right to peaceful protest and could prevent local people raising awareness of the industrialisation of our countryside.

Lorraine was among the people who brought several local anti-drilling campaign groups together with a united front; founding the Weald Action Group.

Most recently Lorraine has spearheaded the community response to a proposed injunction being brought by UKOG - which is trying to stop peaceful protesting at or near the drilling sites.

She organised legal representation, sifted through evidence that UKOG had gathered to make their case, acted as defendant support. She also set up a crowdfunder to raise money for the legal costs of those who bravely came forward to challenge UKOG’s injunction to bar from protesting.

Lorraine said: “This all started because a company decided to search for shale oil and gas in Balcombe near my mum’s home. We’ve always fought against the proposed drilling sites using legal and peaceful means.”

Laura Chow, head of charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, said: “I am thrilled that support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery is enabling Friends of the Earth to recognise 
all the hard work by local groups.”