Families fears over new estate’s ‘danger’ roads

Sophia and Stephen Barlow
Sophia and Stephen Barlow
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Families living on a new estate in Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath, are worried over the ‘dangerous’ state of roads and pavements near their homes.

They say the unsurfaced roads are so perilous that they are frightened to let their children out to play and that two accidents have already happened and they fear there will be more.

One of the 'dangerous' roads in Bolnore village SUS-160419-112149001

One of the 'dangerous' roads in Bolnore village SUS-160419-112149001

Mum-of-three Sophia Barlow, who lives in Chandlers Field Drive, said that a dispute over who was responsible for upgrading roads, pavements and landscaping had been going on between developers Bovis Homes and Crest Nicholson - but nothing had been done.

She said residents had been seeking action for months - with the last home on the estate having been completed in August last year.

The roads, she said, were “really dangerous. It’s no exagerration to say that the kids fall over all the time. There are a lot of children who want to play outside now that the weather is better but it’s just so dangerous.

“The entire road is all uneven. It’s really unsafe.”

Uneven road in Bolnore village SUS-160419-112201001

Uneven road in Bolnore village SUS-160419-112201001

She said there were more than 100 homes in the area and that the roads to them were uneven “and like scree.”

Sophia, 39, an osteopath, said that two people had suffered accidents - one had broken his arm and another person had broken their collar bone.

She said one man had faced a foot drop from the pavement outside his front door.

A spokesman for Crest Nicholson said: “We are currently unable to commence the road construction as designed as the drives, footpaths and garden levels installed by Bovis are not in accordance with the road design.

“We feel this can be resolved and are working with Bovis to do so.”

And a spokesman for Bovis Homes said: “This work is the responsibility of the lead developer on the site – Crest Nicholson – and we are discussing this situation with them on behalf of our customers.”