Family donates new ventilator for Haywards Heath hospital


The family of a patient who died at the Princess Royal Hospital have donated new equipment to the team who cared for her.

William Acott and his daughter Julie Mason presented a portable ventilator to the hospital for use in the intensive care unit.

The equipment was donated in memory of Lilian Acott, who was a nurse at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.

Her family said she would have been ‘very pleased’ to know that much-needed equipment was going directly to the unit.

A spokesman for the charity said the family returned to present the £10,000 ventilator as a ‘thank you for the care their wife and mother received in her last days’.

“As the work in the unit increases all the time, it is essential that patients who have to move from the unit for investigations in X-ray or the scanner unit, or for procedures in theatre, can have their breathing maintained by a small portable ventilator,” he added.

At the presentation, sister Hebditch explained how the breathing ventilator machine worked and its role in transporting sick patients. The ventilator is used when patients are taken for surgery or x rays. To donate to the League of Friends visit