Fears over street lighting

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Disabled residents in Haywards Heath are worried over the removal of a street light which they say has left them facing traffic hazards at a dangerous junction.

One resident - Robert Hurst - said that council workers had removed the light from the A272 road at the corner of the Whitelands estate and the road was now ‘exceedingly dangerous.’

He said oncoming traffic was now unable to see disabled people crossing the road at that spot because remaining lights failed to provide adequate illumination.’ “It’s teeth-gnashingly worrying,” he said.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council, said: “More than 68,000 street lights have been replaced or upgraded over the last five years. Old equipment over 15 years old has been replaced with modern, energy-saving lights, which reduce carbon emissions by up to 25 per cent.” A contractor is now to check the new lighting meets standards.”