Flooding in Haywards Heath

HAYWARDS Heath experienced more rainfall yesterday (Wednesday)than the average rainfall for the whole of August.

In the space of one hour, about two inches of rain fell, causing flooding on the town's industrial estates, at Haywards Heath station and on the railway line and at the Princess Royal Hospital, where some operations had to be cancelled.

Kim Farmer, the workshop manager at the Elite Garage opposite Haywards Heath railway station said: "It was horrendous. The last time we had flooding like that was 13 years ago.

"Our ramps and pits were flooded and we had to close for three hours. We had to get a pump over from Horsham to pump out the pits.

"The floods were under the railway bridge and came through into our forecourt and workshop."

Fire fighters responded to about 30 flood related calls between Haywards Heath and Uckfield.