Footbridge replaces level crossing in Balcombe


Walkers will no longer have to cross an awkward level crossing after a footbridge opened over a railway line near Balcombe last Thursday.

Kemp’s foot crossing, which links the B2036 road with Stumble Field Wood and Balcombe, has been replaced with a footbridge as part of Network Rail’s level crossing safety programme.

Where users had to cross the 90mph main Brighton railway on a bend, the bridge takes them over the lines.

It is the fifth crossing Network Rail has closed on its South East route since 2014.

Dave Ward, route managing director for the South East, said: “Level crossings are dangerous places and closing them removes the risk for people who use them.

“Successfully replacing a crossing isn’t always a straightforward process, and we were given great help and co-operation by the local parish council here in Balcombe.”

Cllr Rodney Saunders, deputy chairman of Balcombe Parish Council, said: “The parish council is absolutely delighted by the new bridge.

“It’s a fantastic solution to the problem and all the walkers in the neighbourhood should say a big thank you to Network Rail for providing this. Also to have a properly surfaced path leading up to the bridge is an added bonus!”