Forget the royal mail - this birthday message for the Queen is hand-delivered

Janet Peters and Sandra Bedwell outside Buckingham Palace SUS-161006-164955001
Janet Peters and Sandra Bedwell outside Buckingham Palace SUS-161006-164955001

Two women from Copthorne by-passed the royal mail when they journeyed to Buckingham Palace ahead of the Queen’s official 90th birthday this weekend to hand deliver the monarch a card.

Janet Peters, who has been a resident at the Leonard Cheshire Disability care home Heatherley in Copthorne for over 30 years, and Sandra Bedwell, who has been there since 2012, were delivering a yellow card with a corgi made out of felt in the front.

The duo were able to personally present the card to the Queen’s Clerk at Buckingham Palace along with their service manager Jane Lightfoot and Leonard Cheshire volunteer Richard Mansfield, before going for a royal afternoon tea.

Sandra said: “As we arrived outside Buckingham Palace, there were hundreds of tourists. We stopped at the lights and watched the Queen’s band march across the road. Overall the day was lovely and ended with a lovely afternoon tea.”

They created the card as part of Leonard Cheshire Disability competition for the charity’s patron, the Queen. Though the entries for the competition poured in and hundreds of votes were cast, the two from Sussex were crowned - much like the corgi on their card - as the winners.

Janet said:“It was a nice day and I was excited to go there. I was very proud of our card that won the competition. The Mall looked lovely all decorated and with flags up and we saw the Queen’s band.”

They were joined by fellow Leonard Cheshire competition winner Darleen Jonson from County Durham, who was submitting a birthday present, accompanied by Leonard Cheshire activities organiser, Alison Beadle.

The Queen has played an influential role in Leonard Cheshire Disability, since becoming the charity’s patron in 1980.