Fox Hill residents campaign for speed camera after lorry crash

Residents Frances Wallis (left) and Stephanie Went (middle) outside The Fox and Hounds pub
Residents Frances Wallis (left) and Stephanie Went (middle) outside The Fox and Hounds pub

Angry Haywards Heath residents are campaigning for a speed camera to be installed in their road following a lorry crash.

The residents in Fox Hill, who are members of the Fox Hill Association, have spoken out following the crash which caused damage to the Fox and Hounds pub on May 2.

Sussex Police told the Middy yesterday that investigations in to the crash were ‘still ongoing’.

Speaking generally about road safety in the area, resident Frances Wallis said: “We have been campaigning and have pleaded with parents to email the council to ask them to put in a speed camera.

“There are school children that cross Fox Hill when they get off the bus. The council are going to have blood on their hands, it is a dangerous road.

“The crash is just another piece of the long saga – it was just an amount of time before something happened.

“I have got knocked by a wing mirror when walking down here before, luckily no one has been hurt yet.

“It is 30mph but no one adheres to it, because there are no cameras to catch anyone.”

Resident Stephanie Went also said: “The Fox Hill Association has campaigned for decades to get effective traffic slowing signage positioned in more effective positions on this portion of the road.

“I emailed the council only last week to emphasise this problem particularly pointing out that we should not have to wait on an upturn in the housing market in order that developers’ money be once again available.

“The ultimate responsibility must lie with the council, be it town or district.”

Stephen Hillier, county councillor for Bentswood and Franklands wards (Haywards Heath East), told the Middy yesterday that two vehicle activated signs (VAS) were being installed on the road.

He said: “The road used to have a 40mph limit and the residents’ association complained and asked for it to be reduced to 30mph.

“The road is designed for 40mph and police agreed with this at the time, however we listened to the residents’ concerns and implemented the change.

“So we are now left with this problem. I have been discussing it with residents for over a couple of years.

“However, the development at Gamblemead is required to provide two vehicle activated signs at separate locations on the B2112.

“These will flash ‘Slow Down’ or other such message to speeding vehicles, a scheme of footway widening from the Fox and Hounds PH through to Fox Hill village junction, refreshing existing road markings, and contribute the full cost of extending the 30mph speed limits southwards to a point to be determined.

“Whilst I fully recognise that the Gamblemead development will increase traffic, an appropriate scheme of highway mitigation will be delivered.

“In light of the nature of the improvements proposed, these should benefit both existing highway users and those resulting from the development site.

“I understand that the legal agreement states that the first VAS will be required when 20 dwellings are occupied.”

Mr Hillier said the enforcement of the speed limit ‘would be a matter for Sussex Police’.

He added: I’d recommend reporting any observed issues via the Sussex Police Operation Crackdown webpage.”

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