‘Fresh and unique’ Haywards Heath artist looks to expand exhibition

St Mary's church Balcombe hand drawn by Paul Milton Copyright (c) SUS-141020-100158001
St Mary's church Balcombe hand drawn by Paul Milton Copyright (c) SUS-141020-100158001

The Haywards Heath artist who organised Balcombe Art Trail said the ‘possibilities are endless’ as long as you have imagination.

Paul Milton and five other artists displayed their work in St Mary’s Church for the exhibition, during which Paul drew the inside of the church (right).

“I don’t usually do drawing’s of buildings but I was taken by the location, and the architecture,” Paul explained.

“When drawing the church I began to realise and appreciate the amount of work that went into the stain glass and making it. Also the stone masonry, the angles involved are very acute and to get the symmetry and to make it so linear are simply amazing from an artistic point of view.”

The picture is hand drawn and has no computer aids.

“Only through drawing St Mary’s Church I truly appreciated the architecture involved,” he added.

Paul is donating a percentage of sales of his drawings to the church.

Paul, a qualified surface textile designer and multi-media artist, said:“I like working in various mediums and combining traditional with alternative and occasionally making my own techniques to suit.

“My art tends to be a variety. I try not to look at other artists’ work too much, I like to keep my art original and unique and fresh.

“I am always coming up with new art ideas and possibilities. The thing with art, as long as you have imagination the possibilities are endless as to what you can achieve.”

Paul has produced greetings cards, A4 mounted prints, and has three special first edition prints of the church drawing for sale in the Half Moon Inn, Balcombe.

The artist is planning to expand Balcombe Art Trail after the success of the exhibition.

“St Mary’s is such a lovely church and was a lovely location to have the art on display, the beautiful stain glass windows set off the art work.”

Reverend Desmond Burton said: “Everybody at St Mary’s, Balcombe was delighted to be involved with the art trail. We loved looking at the variety of art which was displayed in the church.”

He said it was a creative, thought provoking and enjoyable event.

Michaela Strahan, manager at the Half Moon Inn said: “It has been our absolute pleasure to host Paul Milton and his upcoming artists and art work within our pub. We have had a fantastic response and can’t wait for the next one.”

Paul thanked the church, The Chapel Gallery, Balcombe Flooring, Heads Together, The Half Moon Inn, and The Balcombe Art Room, Tigger’s Preschool and Haywards Heath Town Council for their support.

Purchase his art via info@sci-fi-textiles.co.uk, 01444-455742 or www.paulmilton.co.uk