ACTOR Robert Kazinsky has all the credentials to play the new bad boy on Albert Square.

As one of the best stage fighters in the business he looks set to give the likes of bruvs Phil and Grant, and Johnny Allen a run for their money.

Robert, who was born in Haywards Heath and brought up in Cuckfield, has recently made his debut as Sean Slater in EastEnders and is already making waves.

Playing the brother of feisty Stacey Slater, reunited after a four-year stint in the army, Robert will be filling the gap left by the untimely demise of Dennis as hard-man heartthrob with a wild streak.

Soap regulars will have already seen his character's rakish charm reveal a darker side.

Robert did his A-Levels at the K-Bis Theatre School in Brighton before going on to the Guildford School of Acting/Conservatoire.

K-Bis Principal Marcia King said: "I always used to say he was like Tigger because he had lots and lots of energy.

"He was one of those wonderful people who have a go at everything – ballet, jazz, tap and every part and singing."

And Robert always had that rare instinctive gift for acting, she said, whether doing Shakespeare or contemporary drama.

She said: "He was one of those people who made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck."

When Robert won the role of Casper Rose in the football drama Dream Team, one of the pupils from K-Bis was given the chance to play his boyhood self.

And Marcia said he still pops in to say hello on a regular basis.

Robert's first break came when he landed a job co-starring with Basil Brush after graduating. At drama school he performed in many plays and shows ranging from Shakespeare to musicals.

The actor was born Robert Appleby in Haywards Heath to Paul and Phyllis Appleby and bought up with his brother Michael in Cuckfield before the family moved to Hove.

Jewish, of Russian and Polish origin, and a fluent Hebrew speaker, Robert took his grandfather's middle name as his stage name.

At 6ft with red hair and blue green eyes, the 22-year-old is a massive Elvis fan.

The Brighton and Hove Albion fan spent three years at the Guildford School of Acting and lists Rain Man and Forrest Gump as his top films.

As one of the country's top stage fighters, Robert was only the second to receive the highest accolade from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.