Furry felines in Haywards Heath desperately in need of a home

These furry felines in Haywards Heath are desperately in need of a home.

Dimples, Tinksy, Mavis, KJ, Shadow and Ginge, are currently being cared for at the National Cat Adoption Centre in Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate.

Ginge, one of the six cats desperately in need of a home. Picture: Cats Protections National Cat Adoption Centre

Ginge, one of the six cats desperately in need of a home. Picture: Cats Protections National Cat Adoption Centre

Staff at the centre say they have all struggled to adapt to indoor life and would be best suited to an 'al-fresco home'.

The cats need to be homed individually and would be suited in homes with large gardens and suitable shelter, homes with stables or smallholdings.

Danielle Draper, manager of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, said that in return for their new homes, all the cats would 'help provide excellent vermin control'.

She said: "Often, it’s just the presence of a cat that keeps pests such as mice and rats away, so adopting one of our outdoor cats could prove to be an excellent deterrent.

“These six cats are proving really difficult for us to find homes for, but we have no doubt that they can make lovely pets in their own way.

“For one reason or another, they are all shy and need to start off living outdoors, but we think that with time and patience some of them will want to start interacting with people and come indoors. It can be really satisfying offering a home to a cat like this, and even if they live outdoors they can provide hours of entertainment with their antics.

“Although all these cats will be happy living outdoors, they will need to be provided with suitable shelter, food, fresh water and veterinary care. Other than that, they will be happy with minimal input from their new owners.”

At aged five, Dimples is 'inquisitive' and 'enjoys exploring', the charity said. She needs a home where people are nearby but are happy to let her lead an independent life. The ideal home would be a smallholding or stables where pest control is needed.

Tinksy is eight-years-old and has lived indoors her whole life, but is 'very nervous of people around her and doesn’t want to interact with anyone', the charity said. She would be best homed to an outdoor setting where she can grow in confidence and potentially start coming indoors at her own pace. She needs an 'experienced and understanding owner'.

At aged two, Mavis has also been indoors her whole life but likes her own space and is happy playing by herself. But it would help her greatly to have the ability to explore outside and decide if she wants to be near people at her own pace, the charity said. She would like a quiet outdoor home like a small stable or small holding, or even in someone’s garden.

KJ, also aged two, has been a stray and is very fearful of people. Ideally he needs a fully outdoor home like a large livery or farm where he can spend all of his time exploring, the charity said.

Shadow, aged seven, doesn’t like too much going on around her, the charity said. She is looking for an outdoor home where she can explore but still be around people if she wants some attention.

And lastly, Ginge, the youngest of them all. At aged one he was a stray and is incredibly fearful of people, the charity said. He would thrive in a quiet outdoor space or by starting in someone’s back garden so he can gain his confidence around people.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre is part of a network of more than 250 volunteer-led and 36 centres that help around 200,000 cats every year.

To find out more about any of the cats please call 01825 741331 or email cattery.reception@cats.org.uk

To find out about cats available for re-homing at the volunteer-run branches throughout Sussex, please visit www.cats.org.uk/find-a-cat
The National Cat Adoption Centre is open every day from 10am until 4pm.

As well as meeting some of the 150 cats currently looking for new homes, visitors can enjoy a stroll or picnic in the tranquil nature trail and meet the resident donkeys re-homed from The Donkey Sanctuary.

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity and helps around 200,000 cats and kittens each year through a national network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres.

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