General Election 2015: Mid Sussex residents prepare to cast votes

Sussex Decides 2015 General Election
Sussex Decides 2015 General Election

Voters will be out in force tomorrow for the General Election and local elections.

It is likely to be one of the most fascinating General Elections for many years.

The Middy will be providing regular updates and publishing the result the moment the votes are counted. There will also be election news from elsewhere in the county.

We will exclusively reveal the news on our website,, and on our Twitter account, @midsussex_times.

We have given candidates the chance to debate the key issues for Mid Sussex residents, and now it’s time to see who residents think is best suited to serve as member of parliament for this constituency. Will Sir Nicholas Soames, the incumbent MP since 1997, be returned?

He is up against independent candidate Beki Adam, UKIP candidate Toby Brothers, Liberal Democrat candidate Daisy Cooper, Green candidate Miranda Diboll, Labour candidate Greg Mountain and Monster Raving Loony candidate Baron Von Thunderclap.

Local election results for Mid Sussex District Council and town and parish councils in Mid Sussex will be revealed on Saturday. The Middy will publish the results online as soon as the votes are counted and announced.