General Election 2015: Record number of postal votes issued across Mid Sussex


A record number of postal votes have been issued across Mid Sussex for the General and Local elections.

To date 17,715 postal votes have been issued, a record number for the area.

The deadline for applying for a postal vote has now passed.

A spokeswoman for Mid Sussex District Council said: “Voters are reminded that they have until 5pm on April 28, if they require a proxy vote.

“If you will be unable to get to the polling stations on election day, but would still like to vote, please contact the Electoral Registration Office to find out how to vote by proxy (somebody else voting on your behalf, either at the polling station or by post).

“The April 28, 2015 at 5pm is the deadline to apply for a proxy votes. Proxy voters who need to change the address to which their ballot paper is sent or need to change the details of their nominated proxy must contact the Electoral Registration Office before this date.

“A proxy is somebody who goes to the polling station and votes on behalf of the registered elector.

“Residents who wish to appoint a proxy voter must explain why the proxy is required and if proxy voting is chosen for all future elections then evidence must be provided to support the application.”

Registration to vote in the May 7 elections has now closed and postal votes are being sent out.

A full list of candidates for the General election and Local elections is available at