Good Samaritan speaks out after dog rescue video goes viral

A man who became a global star after he freed two dogs from a boiling car in a Horsham supermarket car park has called on people not to send '˜hate mail' to the owner of the animals.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 5:09 pm
Danny Cruttwell

Danny Cruttwell became a worldwide sensation after he recorded himself rescuing the panting pooches from a boiling car parked at Tesco in Wickhurst Lane on Tuesday afternoon (July 24) and the footage went viral.

His story has been shared around the globe with the Crawley scaffolder branded a hero after helping the pair on one of the hottest days of the year.

Danny, who used to own a dog just like the ones he rescued, said he was humbled with the publicity but hoped many others would have done the same thing.

He said: “I have been welcomed to go to America, I have been asked to go to dog shows, I have even had marriage proposals. It’s quite humbling really.

“People that praise you for it understand you have done the right thing and probably would have done it themselves.”

Danny, who runs Danny C Scaffolding ltd based in Faygate, had only popped into the supermarket to pick up a few pieces of shopping.

He parked up close to the car and notice the animals sitting inside the vehicle.

The boxer, who is part of Queensbury Boxing league, said he thought the owners had just popped into the store to get a few items and would be back in a few minutes.

However, after completing a quick shop he got back to the car to find the dogs were still inside.

“When I got out of my car it was 33°C,” he said. “I only went in for about 10 minutes. I thought I have got to act, I have got to do something.”

Danny got out his phone and started recording the incident as evidence in case he had to break into the car.

As he started recording he noticed the door of the vehicle had been left open and he took out one of the dogs.

“I would have smashed the window to be honest. I’m glad the door was open and it was dealt with how it was.”

A member of staff brought over some water while Danny looked after the parched pooch in the shade before he went back for the puppy on the back seat.

By this time the owner returned to her vehicle and he said she seemed ‘oblivious’ to what she had done.

He said: “I wouldn’t even leave a horse in a field in this heat, it’s not right what they did. I said what I needed to say and told them what I thought.

“If I had parked two spaces down I probably wouldn’t have seen the dogs. I was in the right place at the right time.”

However, Danny said he posted the video to raise awareness of the problem and has called on people not to send unpleasant messages to the owners involved.

He said: “Obviously she has done something bad, I hope she has learnt from it but I don’t want her to get hate mail.

“People make mistakes, it might be the only mistake she has made and she’s paying for it but I would rather the hate mail stopped if she is getting it.

“I don’t want people giving her hate mail or turning up at her house.”

He added: “It’s the hottest summer we have had for many years. I sat in my car after she drove off and I was sweating.

“Just be aware. No dog should be in any car really.”