Hassocks awarded £11k to stop flooding

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Hassocks has been awarded more than £11k to fight flooding which has caused residents 15 years of deluge.

West Sussex County Council has awarded £11030 of its Operation Watershed Funding to projects which aim to end flooding in Lodge Lane and in Dale Avenue junction and Parklands Road

Fred Maillardet, the Hassocks Amenties Association (HAA) committee member has been praised as the man who ‘leapt’ to lead the association’s successful bid for the money after being made aware of the opportunity by Andy Petch, county councillor for Hassocks and Victoria.

Mr Maillardet said properties along the Herring Stream and near Spitalford Bridge have been flooded over the past 15 years as a result of the stream’s high water levels.

He said: “Local community fears are further compounded by new property developments being proposed for the area that are likely to add additional pressure on the stream.”

Residents believe that the stream has silted or there are blockages in the water flow.

The grant will enable an investigation into the cause so that suggestions can be made for the most suitable way to eliminate or reduce flooding.

Lodge Lane junction has been blighted with floods for more than 10 years with residents’ gardens and houses being swamped as a result of blocked drains, gullies and an overflowing stream which passes under the junction.

The grant will enable a thorough CCTV survey to detect any defects or drain blockages, together with inspection of all manhole covers.

All siltation will be removed. If necessary, a new manhole will be constructed.

Margaret Ford , HAA Chair said Mr Maillardet had worked hard, on a tight deadline, to make the bid for funds.

She said: “We are very fortunate that Fred Maillardet leapt to the challenge.”