Hassocks fraudster fails to get jail term cut


A man who ended up with a two-year jail term after being caught with the wrong ticket on a bus has had a bid to get his sentence cut thrown out by top judges.

Kofi Adisi, 44, of Keymer Road, Hassocks, got into a row with a revenue inspector after being found on a bus with a mismatching ticket and discount card in January last year.

After that “physical and verbal confrontation”, the inspector began a dogged investigation of Adisi.

He uncovered evidence that Adisi had been using a bogus debit card to pay for almost £3,000 worth of train tickets.

The fraudster was arrested but, undeterred, he went on to defraud another £2,400 worth of train fares.

Adisi was jailed for two years in October last year at Blackfriars Crown Court, after pleading guilty to fraud and a public order offence.

Lord Justice Jackson, Mr Justice Mitting and Mr Justice Jay, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court heard him plead for that sentence to be cut.

Lawyers for Adisi told the court that he was driven to crime when he plunged into financial dire straits and mortgage arrears after losing his job.

He had repeatedly used a bank card from an account which had been closed to pay for tickets, and the bank was then obliged to honour the transactions.

His scheme was not uncovered until he crossed swords with the inspector on the bus, and he began an in depth inquiry. Adisi’s lawyers asked for a lesser sentence today, arguing that he had not been living high on the hog on the proceeds of crime, but rather just keeping body and soul together.

But Mr Justice Jay, dismissing the application for permission to appeal, said: “This offending was carried out by a man with a very poor record over a long period of time.

“The offences carried out after he was arrested were a substantial aggravating factor, as was the public order offence. This application is refused.”