Haywards Heath artist won’t ‘change for anyone’ after archbishop’s message

Paul Milton. Pic Steve Robards SUS-141125-103408001
Paul Milton. Pic Steve Robards SUS-141125-103408001

An artist has used a message of encouragement from the archbishop of Canterbury to inspire faith in himself.

Paul Milton, a Haywards Heath artist who organises Balcombe Art Trail, was questioning his own character after being told he is ‘too nice’.

But a kind message from the archbishop gave Paul the confidence to be true to himself. Below, Paul describes his journey and beliefs following the experience.

In the world we live in simple things, simple acts of kindness can easily get overlooked.

From my past, experiencing bullying, I consider simple acts of kindness more important than anything.

I was recently at St Mary’s church, Balcombe, working on an art project, when a kind lady from the church who came to do the flowers brought me a nice flask of coffee, as she thought I might be cold.

That simple act, that touch of humanity, meant a lot.

Some may think ‘it’s only a coffee’, but at the end of the day the kind lady didn’t have to, and it was a thoughtful gesture.

I received another really kind correspondence, I have to say one of the kindest and most thoughtful I have ever received.

The day I received it I was doing a lot of reflection thinking, do I need to change myself as a person?

Someone said I was ‘too kind’.

I received this really kind letter from the archbishop of Canterbury referring to me as ‘a kind person’.

It uplifted me, made me feel good and for the first time grounded me in the fact I don’t need to change for anyone.

I am me, and my morals, principles and beliefs are true.

My one bit of advice, the thing I’ve learnt from the past year: Don’t let anyone squash your dreams or try to fault who you are as a person, trust your own judgement, trust your gut instinct and you will grow and flourish as a person.

Turn negatives into positives.

What I once thought were my weaknesses I have turned into my strengths.

Strive to be an independent person, those achievements will be yours alone and the results are more fulfilling.

The past year and start of the new year have been one of the best experiences of my life.

What better way to go out of a year, and into a new one? Meeting kind people, creating a new future and getting back in touch with your heart and soul. Just brilliant.

I wish the readers and the genuine people who have supported me well.

I would also like to thank the Archbishop of Canterbury for reinforcing my faith.

Faith, religion and beliefs, play a vital role in many people’s lives.

One of my key morals and beliefs is that when I come across people who are genuine, and have taken the time to support me and be kind to me, I see it my duty to make people aware of this, or promote and stand by these people through thick and thin.

It’s the way I have been brought up, my late grandmother and grandfather thought the same, and my parents have brought me up this way.

In my opinion it’s the right thing to do.

It’s nice to think a little bit of Balcombe, West Sussex and my art work is now in another location in London.

I wish the community of Balcombe and Haywards Heath well.