Haywards Heath expert joins Jamie Oliver food fight

A health and wellbeing expert from Haywards Heath has joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Friday, 1st March 2013, 6:00 am

Tanith Lee, 40, said she was thrilled to be picked from a number of volunteers from around the world to be part of the Food Revolution Day on May 17.

TV chef Jamie Oliver said: “It’s fantastic that Tanith is involved in this year’s Food Revolution Day as it’s already bigger and louder than last year. We want everyone who cares about food education to get together to show that this is a massively important issue.

“Our kids need to learn about food from an early age and we also need to help those adults who can’t cook. It’s all about inspiring people to get cooking and love fresh food.”

Tanith got involved as part of her Healthier Haywards Heath campaign.

With an estimated 200,000 obese adults in West Sussex the campaign is designed to educate and support the people of Haywards Heath to be fit and healthy.

Tanith said: “Anyone can support Food Revolution Day, even with something as simple as holding a dinner party with fresh cooked ingredients or if that’s not possible just trying a new type of fresh food.

“I’ll be organising events in Haywards Heath and everyone is welcome to help or come and join in. It’s a very friendly, welcoming day.”

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