Haywards Heath leisure centre defends cleanliness accusations

Jason Lainchbury is complaining about state of The Dolphin. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150127-121229001
Jason Lainchbury is complaining about state of The Dolphin. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150127-121229001

A leisure centre insists cleanliness standards have not slipped despite claims that overfilled nappy bins, used plasters, food wrappers and dirty plates litter the building.

The Dolphin at Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath said there was a problem last weekend due to staff sickness, but claims it does not believe standards have slipped ‘on a regular basis’.

Customer Jason Lainchbury said: “I have been disappointed at the clear lack of cleanliness.

“I have used the facilities very early in the morning and at this time of day where I am one of the first using the changing rooms, I have found used plasters, food wrappers on the floor and also full nappy bins, all clearly there from the day or days before.”

A spokesman for the centre, run by Places for People, said the nappy bins are emptied by an external contractor.

“Currently this takes place once per week and normally this is sufficient. However we constantly monitor the need for this and will increase the frequency if we feel it is necessary,” the spokesman said.

The centre’s cleaners were ill last weekend, which The Dolphin said led to complaints.

“The building was not as clean as it should have been with the catering area particularly untidy,” the spokesman explained.

“This was rectified as quickly as possible on Sunday but customers entering the building early in the morning would not have been presented with the normal standards that we set. We obviously apologise to customers for this, but can assure them that this was an isolated problem.”

Jason has used the centre twice in January to go swimming with his family.

He saw plates and glasses in the cafe before opening times, suggesting they had been left overnight.

“The Dolphin is a business and therefore dependent on customers to frequent their business and use their facilities,” he said.

“They should be providing a safe and clean premises and environment for their customers to use as a basic service. I would deem that nappy bins should be emptied daily in order to provide basic levels of cleanliness and hygiene.”