Haywards Heath Mayor condemns shop plan

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The Mayor of Haywards Heath has said the conversion of a garage into a local supermarket chain will cause major safety issues for pedestrians and motorists.

Sujan Wickremaratchi, county councillor for Ashenground and Heath, town councillor and mayor said he ‘totally disagreed’ with Mid Sussex District Council’s decision to grant planning permission for Frosts Garage, in Franklynn Road, to be turned into a shop.

His comments come after the Middy revealed two weeks ago that the Co-operative was considering opening a branch at the site.

He said: “Planning permission should never have been granted. Haywards Heath Town Council objected to this application.

“I know I support loca businesses but having a local Co-op there when we already have one in town is totally un-called for and it’s in totally the wrong location.

“As it is, the delivery lorries park and unload on the pavement totally blocking the pavement and causing traffic tail backs. The store has been informed several times to request the lorries to unload inside the forecourt area but it falls on deaf years.”

He added that the St Wilfred’s Primary School children cross the road near the side of the petrol station, in Lowfield Road.

“This store totally disregards the pedestrians and there safety.”