Haywards Heath’s Tasha voices new CBeebies animation

Sarah and Duck.
Sarah and Duck.

Seven-year-old schoolgirl Tasha Lawrence is getting ready for vocal stardom as she breathes life into the lead character of Sarah from brand new CBeebies’ animation Sarah & Duck.

The 20-part series, which also features The Thick of It star Roger Allam and Downton Abbey’s Mrs Patmore Lesley Nicol, make its debut on CBeebies on Monday February 18 and is set to transmit on international screens later in the year.

It features the adventures of a seven year old girl, Sarah, and her flappy, quacky best friend, Duck.

Tasha, who lives near Haywards Heath, heard about Sarah & Duck through voiceover agency Another Tongue.

She attended an audition in London and was thrilled to get the part.

She said: “I sort of screamed when I heard I’d got the part and my Mum had to tell me to be quiet because I was quite loud! I’m very excited about it coming on CBeebies soon because all my friends will see it!”

Tasha’s mother Hilary added: “We were really so very proud of Tasha when she got the job.

“She does a drama class so has done a little bit of acting before but nothing like this! It is hard work for her and requires a lot of concentration but she absolutely loves the finished episodes.”

The team at Karrot Entertainment, who have produced Sarah & Duck for CBeebies, are delighted with Tasha’s performance.

Series producer Jamie Badminton said: “Tasha has been the biggest revelation of the series. A 7 year old capable of such nuanced performances. She was incredibly quiet upon meeting us for the first time but has an excellent natural awareness as a young actress and has more than risen to her leading role.”

Sarah & Duck makes its debut on CBeebies on Monday February 18 at 4pm.