Haywards Heath shop reopens after ‘lack of pharmacist’

BOOTS in Haywards Heath was forced to close its doors to shoppers this morning - because it did not have a pharmacist on site.

Bewildered shoppers in South Road were left scratching their heads – with one disgruntled customer claiming the store closure was ‘outrageous’ as many people did not need the pharmacist and wanted to buy other products.

The customer, who did not want to be named, said: “I have no idea why they would close the entire store for this reason. It seems bizarre. The shop does so many other things, why didn’t they just close off the pharmacy bit?”

A spokeswoman for Boots said the store is licensed as a pharmacy and it was illegal to trade without a pharmacist on site.

She said: “The Boots UK store on South Road in Haywards Heath is licensed as a pharmacy and it would be illegal to trade in the absence of a pharmacist.

“A locum pharmacist is now present and the store is trading as usual.”