Haywards Heath shopper ‘at risk’ from liver paté


A shopper had a shock after she was sold food which could have ‘landed’ her friends in hospital.

Crawley’s branch of Tesco Dot Com has been reported to environmental health after Kim Marshall received paté which was 12 days out of date.

Kim, 31, from Haywards Heath, ordered her shopping online but, when it was delivered on November 25, she was horrified to see the chicken liver paté she planned to serve to friends at a buffet dinner had a ‘use by’ date of November 13.

“There were a few things which went out of date the following day but this one was shocking,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe they still had that on their shelves.”

Kim said she contacted Tesco and was sent a good will coupon for £10 off her next order – though she has no intention of using the service again.

She said: “I mentioned it to a friend and she said you have to be really, really careful with paté. I looked online and it was ‘oh my God, that’s really bad’.”

Paté is listed by the NHS as one of the main harbourers – along with cheese, fish and pre-packed sandwiches – of the bacteria listeria monocytogenes, which can develop into the listeriosis infection.

The government’s Food Standards Agency states on its website: “Listeriosis, the foodborne illness caused by listeria, is relatively rare but listeria causes more deaths from food poisoning in the UK than other foodborne bugs.

“Vulnerable groups of the population are at increased risk.”

Kim said: “I was having a buffet and it would have been easy to land my friends in hospital.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We set ourselves the highest standards for the food our Grocery Home Shopping colleagues deliver to customers’ doors.

“We’ve apologised to Miss Marshall and offered her a gesture of goodwill. Our team will carry out a full investigation into how this could have occurred.”

Kim added: “Tesco Dot Com need to get their act together in terms of their processes.”